When it comes to Lexus, you do not really need an insight into the company and brand name. The brand name simply speaks for itself which is quite natural, considering that it is one of the world's most successful automobile brands with a sizeable presence in American, European, Australian and Asian markets. The Lexus brand stands for certain defining attributes which are common to us here at Black Bow Chauffeur. Lexus is known for its luxury sedans and we use them as well thanks to the jaw dropping aesthetic appeal, superior interior comfort and avalanche of features that they are known for! Lexus has always been a preferred luxury brand across the world including Asian and Australian markets though it has sometimes been rated below other luxury biggies like BMW and Mercedes Benz among others. However, we feel that the Lexus is a far better car than its billing in terms of looks and comfort. The Lexus is the best choice if you are looking for sedan limousine, suits best for up to four passengers' luxury corporate transfers or conference transfers in addition to hotel transfers, airport transfers, birthday party transfers and so on. In keeping with our motto of providing limousine-like services, the Lexus comes suitably equipped with luxury features and conveniences galore.

The Lexus makes use of 2.5 and 3.5 litre engines depending on the variant that you choose. The horsepower figures range between 204 and 306 depending upon the specific engine used in the car while torque figures vary between 185 lb-ft and 277 lb-ft on an average. Rear or all wheel drive variants are available on specific trims and the six speed automatic transmission lends that stability, smoothness and added feel to driving. There is an eight speed automatic variant which offers decent performance and special input based sensors as well. The power and super silent engine make this car the preferred choice for businessmen, executives, corporate tycoons and the like. We're sure it will be your favorite transportation solution as well thanks to its performance and sophistication.

Manual shifting paddles are present on almost all Lexus sedans and there are a variety of modes including Sport, Eco and Normal courtesy the knob placed right in the centre of the dashboard console. This is one of the features common to most IS and other sedan range cars. There is a snow setting available in the all wheel drive variant while the suspension is known for its adaptive properties and nature, making the car a delight to ride around in. The electric power steering also works well and transmission shift mapping is just another of the fantastic features that this luxury car comes with. Braking is top notch for the car with discs ranging between 11.5 and 13.2 inches on an average. Ride quality is wonderful and with substantial legroom at the rear, this is both a driver's car and one for the driven. Falling in love with the sheer luxury and comfort epitomized by this car is quite natural but then, it's none other than Lexus!