The Toyota Hi Ace Commuter Mini Bus is the perfect for 12 people and is ideal for wedding transfers, funeral transfers, corporate transfers and college or university transfers. The Toyota Hi Ace Mini Bus also works well in case of college excursions and day trips. This people mover has always been one of the most popular cars produced by Toyota and is extensively used in the luxury transportation sector. The vehicle was first launched in the year 1967 and is one of Toyota's best selling vans across MPV, pick-up and van variations. The latest generation of the van has a long wheelbase and a high roof. The high roof and lengthy dimensions of the vehicle make it a super comfortable bet for transportation. The gear lever on this car has also been shifted to the dashboard in order to facilitate better cabin movement. The four speed automatic or five speed manual transmission system works well to deliver better driving experiences as well.

The car makes use of a DOHC four cylinder engine which comes in several forms including a 3000 cc diesel engine, 2000 cc petrol engine and 2700 cc petrol engine. The engine has been extensively tuned by Toyota to deliver compelling performance and ample horsepower. Some cars also come with the integrated vehicle telematics and GPS service known as the G-Book and this is a boon for commercial sectors. Standard automatic transmission systems are now provided in several variants while the torque figures range between 241 and 286 Nm. Power outputs range between 75 kW and 111 kW depending on the model used. The vehicle comes with several luxury features including cup holders, beverage holders, integrated and thumping audio system inclusive of CD, radio, MP3 and four speakers. The remote audio controls are mounted onto the steering wheels as well.

Safety feature are top notch in the car as well and these include anti skid brakes or ABS, front airbags and seatbelts at both the front and the rear. This people mover, as mentioned, offers gigantic cabin space for 12 people in addition to decent luggage space. This is the ideal car for trips and excursions in addition to driving holidays taken with your loved ones. This car is preferred for most mass transportation purposes owing to its luxurious interiors, reasonable comfort and awe inspiring performance. The car looks and feels really premium and this is where Toyota has done a fabulous job with the design of the car. This is all the more unique in a segment that does not really emphasize upon looks and aesthetic appeal. This is one vehicle that offers practicality, functionality, ride comfort, engine performance, luxury features and aesthetic appeal together in one irresistible package.

Travelling in the Toyota Hi Ace Commuter Mini Bus is a sheer pleasure for large groups of people at a time. Ride quality is top notch and this car offers peaceful and highly comfortable experiences for travellers. Handling is also top notch along with state of the art features and a luxurious cabin ambience.