Another people mover that we love having in our fleet is the Toyota Tarago. This is one of the most iconic and popular people movers all across the globe and has also created quite a stir in Australia in recent years. The Toyota Tarago has always been preferred by families for years and with improved styling and features, it definitely stands out as a potent transportation solution. We prefer the Toyota Tarago 8 seater for airport transfers, wedding transfers, hotel transfers, college and university transfers, excursions, day trips and tours, hospital transfers, funeral transfers, special event transfers and sports event transfers in case there are large groups of people to be transported to any particular destination. Toyota has definitely got it spot on with this premium vehicle. This car comes with lovely sliding doors that can be opened and closed with a single touch of the button! This only hints at the luxurious and convenient nature of the car along with the futuristic design and exterior appeal. This is definitely a head turner on most roads! The Toyota Tarago is not quite the boring and conventional Plain Jane that is seen with most MPVs. The inspiration for this car is a luxury cruise liner and this is reflected in its wonderful design touches and unconventional look. The Toyota Tarago does live up to its design inspiration in terms of sheer comfort and quality.

There are loads of little features that will never cease to amaze you when it comes to the Toyota Tarago including the innovatively concealed speakers in the ceiling and the cockpit-like nature of the driver's seat. Corporates, governments and leading hospitality conglomerates prefer this car for its luxury features and comfort. The instrument cluster is placed in the centre akin to the Toyota Yaris but the look here is more refined and eye catching. From folding and flexible seats to moon roofs and more luxury seating touches, The Toyota Tarago has what it takes to guarantee premium, luxurious and unmatched ride experiences for customers and passengers. With high seating capacity and a captivating design and exterior, this car should definitely be on your wish list for transporting special guests, colleagues or even taking a special trip with your group of buddies in tow. The car even comes with a 3.5 litre, four cylinder engine that offers decent performance and dishes out 200 kW of power and the engine is mated to a semi-automatic six speed transmission system for superior performance and driving dynamics. Both acceleration and overtaking are a breeze on roads and driving experiences are quite pleasurable as well.

The Toyota Tarago is easy to handle and does not feel sluggish, lackluster or heavy at varied speeds. Body roll is minimal and the suspension system works well to keep passengers insulated from bumps and knocks. The car offers unmatched comfort and seating space in all rows and boot space is generous even with the third row in place. All in all, the Toyota Tarago gets it spot-on with the right mix of features, luxury, comfort, handling and engine power.